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3 Simple Tips To Maximize Your Time at the Driving Range

Time spent at the driving range means a variety of things to the wide range of golfers that play the game today. For some, it means a quick bucket of balls to warm up before the first tee box. For others, the driving range is an opportunity to work out the kinks in a swing or to practice a particular shot. Still, others are there to work out their weekly frustrations by pounding golf balls into shameless oblivion. Regardless of your category, there are a few things that you should do when hitting balls at the driving range that can help you get the most return on the time. Think about these general rules the next time you buy a bucket of balls and hopefully, you will increase your golf swing effectiveness and notice improvements.

1. Set a Golf Goal

Use pitching wedge to hone your swing for 100 yard shots

I use my pitching wedge to hit balls at the red flag 100 yards away. Essentially everything you do has a reason behind it, whether you recognize it or not. Don’t go out to the driving range without both establishing a goal and determining how best to achieve that goal.

Are you fighting a vicious hook? Is your swing lacking proper fluidity and causing discomfort? Are you neglecting some of the core necessities in your swing, such as shifting your weight forward? Are you just trying to loosen up before your round? Know why you are there, and keep that in mind throughout the process.

2. Choose an Effective Process to Reach Your Golf Goal

Think about the goal you have set. How are you going to reach that goal? Recognize that the more specific you are about determining your process; the easier it will be to see results.

Not everyone can afford the services of a golf pro, so if you don’t have the benefits of a trained professional, do a little research on the internet. You can be sure that if you do just a little bit of prep work, you are going to be much happier with your results.

3. Pay Attention To Your Swing & The Results

Weight must be on the front foot during your downswing prior to the ball strike for optimum results

You’ve set a goal and outlined a process, so now it’s time to put your plan into action. The key to the whole thing is both sticking to your plan and observing your progress throughout. It is very easy to set yourself in a comfortable stance and whack ball after ball into the field in front of you.

Take your time and go through the same motions that constitute your ritual on the course. Identify your target on the driving range, visualize your shot, find your stance, address the ball, and only then, hit the ball. Watch your results and take note of what was both positive and negative.

Now take your next shot, going through the entire process again. Take into consideration what you want to be different this time, and what changes you are making to help realize those goals. Now that you’ve hit that second ball, evaluate your results. Did your adjustment(s) work?

By the time you go through the process a few dozen times, you should have a much better idea of what is working and what isn’t. You may not have perfected that particular shot, but if there’s one thing I know about golf, NOTHING EVER HAPPENS OVERNIGHT!!!

It is going to take some time, but hey, who could ask for a better way to spend your time? If you need assistance building the muscle memory required to shift weight forward more consistently, the Pocket Pin High Pro can help.

This ultra-portable golf swing aid will give you instant feedback through a clicking sound when the weight has shifted forward. Feeling the sensation of weight forward along with auditory confirmation will reinforce the weight transfer and permitting you to have solid ball strikes more consistently.

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