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Pocket Pin High Pro
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  • Your Better Golf Game Is Just a Click Away

    The Pocket Pin High Pro is a golf swing aid that "CLICKS!" when your weight shifts to your front foot during your golf swing.

    When you properly shift your weight during the downswing, your golf swing generates significantly more power and drives the ball further and straighter.

    Consistent Divots

    You'll also notice after you practice with your Pocket Pin High Pro you will consistently create divots like never before. That's because you'll finally be naturally hitting the golf ball first, with a solid downward blow. Now you'll be shifting your weight and driving like the PGA Pros (David Leadbetter constantly talks about the importance that you shift your weight during your swing).

    More divots mean more ball backspin, which means more rise in the air for your drives. Simple golf mechanics, but hard to do if you're not shifting your weight during your golf swing! Our golf weight shift training aid develops this golf swing foundation for you.

    Easy Way To Improve Golf Game

    The Pocket Pin High Pro is easy to use as well! Just step on the black grip tape edge with your golf swing stance's leading foot, and swing naturally. 

    If you don't hear a "CLICK!" then it's not the device, it's your swing! You simply didn't shift your weight to the front of your foot (many golfers trick themselves into believing they've shifted weight). Just reset your golf stance and swing again. Keep at it until you consistently get a "CLICK!" with every swing.

    Now you're ready for longer, straighter drives and a lower golf score!

    American Made Golf Swing Trainer

    100% made right here in the USA (in east Tennessee, in case you were wondering), the Pocket Pin High Pro is built with high-strength injection molded polycarbonate plastic, rust-proof stainless steel screws, long-lasting steel springs, and weather-resistant grip tape.

    Great For Golf Game Warm-Up

    We designed and built our golf training aid so that it will last you YEARS of training service. While your golf game will improve immediately with the Pocket Pin High Pro, it's a great golf warm-up tool that we encourage you to use everytime you hit the course or driving range.

    Since we built your Pocket Pin High Pro to last you pretty much your entire golf career (may it be a long and good one), this is pretty much the only golf swing aid you'll ever need to buy. Feel free to help us sell more of our swing trainers though, by telling your golf buddies!

    Share The Golf Swing Secret!

    We know you'll want to keep your golf swing secret to yourself, but we want to help more people improve their golf game! We can only do that by you helping spread the word about the Pocket Pin High Pro. Thanks in advance for being the evangelist we know you'll be!

    Backed by our Ten Year Promise & The Click It Challenge

    Oh, if you do end up busting your Pocket Pin High Pro within a decade, tell us how the heck you managed to do that and we'll send you a new one. Free of charge. 

    Yep, that's how much we stand behind our weight shift swing aid (so you can stand on it as much as you want)!

    Our Click It Challenge is a 60-day money-back guarantee. If the Pocket Pin High Pro doesn't improve your golf game within 60 days, send it back to us for a full 100% refund.

  • Size 4.25"-D x 0.75"-H (about the size of your palm)
    Weight 5-oz (same weight as a baseball)
    Materials High-Strength Polycarbonate & Stainless Steel
    Where It's Made Knoxville, TN (USA)
  • Shipping Policy
    Here's when you can expect to get your Pocket Pin High Pro after you place your order.
    Ship To Location Estimated Delivery Time
    Within the USA (Free) 3 - 7 days
    International ($8.75 USD) 7 - 21 days

    We ship all orders same-day (provided it's Monday through Friday and not a holiday or we're being invaded by space aliens).

    We want you out there improving your golf game, not waiting for the mail to arrive! For our full shipping policy, please visit our Shipping Policy page.

    Returns Policy
    Please visit our Return and Refund Policy page to learn about returning your Pocket Pin High Pro (not that you'd ever want to do such a thing!).

    If you're ever not satisfied with the Pocket Pin High Pro just let us know and you can return it for a full refund.

    Once we receive your returned Pocket Pin High Pro, you'll be refunded in full within five business days (holidays and invasions from space aliens withstanding, of course).