Pin High Pro

Are Bad Swings Costing You Yards & Accuracy?

The Pocket Pin High Pro trains your body to shift weight at the right moment of your downswing. Adding yardage and increasing accuracy. 100% Guaranteed.

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Pocket Pin High Pro golf swing trainer has been featured on NBC's Golf Channel
Pin High Pro swing aid has been on CBS WVLT in Knoxville, TN
Our golf swing aid has been reviewed on Golf Digest
The Golf Wire by Golfweek has reviewed the Pocket Pin High Pro swing tool.

Instant Golf Swing Feedback

Our Pocket Pin High Pro is a patented golf weight transfer training aid that clicks at the exact time your weight shifts to your front foot. Using the Pocket Pin High Pro to practice this essential weight shift will reinforce critical rhythm, timing, and help eliminate distracting swing thoughts.


Golf Pros Love The Pocket Pin High Pro Swing Aid

"The Pocket Pin High Pro is the easiest golf swing aid to really become aware of your swing and weight shift."

– Martin Chuck, Revolution Golf

"The Pocket Pin High Pro is easy to use and it helped me establish a basic swing rhythm. It also helped me shift weight to the front foot more consistently with fewer swing thoughts! It works!!"

– Jayson Swain, Former Wide Receiver for NFL Chicago Bears

"The Pocket Pin High Pro is the solution to hitting the ball solid."

– Walt Chapman, Master PGA Pro

Practice Your Swing No Matter The Season

The best golfers practice their swing year round. With the Pocket Pin High Pro, you can too! In addition to working great outside at the range, the Pocket Pin High Pro can be used indoors. Thanks to the textured non-abrasive grip tape, it's easy to use inside to improve your golf game and will not damage your flooring.


The Pin High Pro Promise

We're so confident that the Pocket Pin High Pro will improve your golf game and swing, that we back it with our "Click It Challenge" promise. If after 60 days you feel that you're no better after buying and using our golf swing aid, let us know and we'll refund your money. Simple as that.

Better Swing Rhythm Any Time or Place

The Pocket Pin High Pro is ultra portable and weighs a mere 3 ounces! At just slightly over 4 inches wide and less than an inch high, you can easily store the golf swing trainer in your golf bag, automobile or simply carry it in your pocket. It's always available to sharpen your swing rhythm!


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Golf instruction pros like Martin Chuck love the Pocket Pin High Pro. Easy to use with great results for your golf game.

Built to Last

Strong Polycarbonate Case

The rigid polycarbonate shell of the Pocket Pin High Pro can withstand pressure exceeding 500 pounds, easily protecting the inner components and giving you the most accurate auditory feedback on weight shift.

Stainless Steel Screws

Our swing aid's stainless steel screws and the companion nuts are made from iron and chromium making them practically immune to rust and corrosion. In case you didn't know, stainless steel is one of the strongest and longest metals in existance.

Premium 3M® Grip Tape

We use long-lasting 3M® grip tape that is non-abrasive, anti-slip, water and weather resistant. This enables you to practice your swing year round (outdoors or indoors). The Pocket Pin High Pro will not scratch or damage indoor flooring.