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It's Time to Re-establish Golf Swing Basics

Golf is the most satisfying, yet challenging game I play. I have played for many years and have always enjoyed the camaraderie, competition and shot knowledge required on each and every strike.  Like other golfers, I read golf magazine, watch golf tournaments on TV and listen to friends when they explain why I had an errant strike. All of this incoming information is good because it's golf related, but it can certainly get one out of sync. We hear open your stance, close your stance, left shoulder is not high enough, etc... Every now and then it's time to reset. Let's start now and re-establish a few golf swing basics!


lead-hand-gripA good grip that can be repeated every time you grab a club is the beginning of re-establishing basics.  From left to right, photo #1 has four black dots on the golf glove fingers. Photo #2 has the golf shaft placed on top of the black dots in perfect grip position. Photo #3 is looking down at the closed grip. The "V" is pointing in the direction of the right shoulder. After placing the right hand over the left, the right hand will also form the letter ,"V," this one will be pointing toward the left shoulder. [caption id="attachment_1329" align="aligncenter" width="337"]grip-with-v A completed Neutral Grip.[/caption]

Basic Setup for Golf Swing

A consistent routine when setting up to the ball is paramount. If you notice the professionals, every time they address the ball, their individual set up routine is the same. There are so many segments in the golf swing that placing some of the basic moves on auto pilot keeps the swing thoughts down.  Likewise, you should repeat the same set up every time you address the ball. Feet should be close to shoulder width with slightly more body weight on the rear foot. Weight distribution is approximately 55% on the rear foot and 45% on the front. This set up is for the driver, and places the golfer in position to coil during the back swing and start the down swing with the lower body transferring weight to the front foot prior to striking the ball. [caption id="attachment_1331" align="aligncenter" width="323"]ben-hogan-golf-swing Starting a powerful downswing![/caption]

Swing Follow Through

The golf swing follow through is basic and crucial if you want to convert your swing torque into a powerful ball strike. The only way to strike the ball first and take a divot is to have weight on the front foot prior to the strike. When weight is posted on the front foot, all of the energy coiled and stored in the body core is released through centrifugal force. Hitting the ball first gives you distance and control on all golf shots. The divot created by the ball strike is confirmation that the weight was forward and the ball was hit first. Many golfers have difficulty shifting weight to the front foot prior the striking the ball. Other golfers don't even realize their weight was not planted on the front foot prior to the strike.  

Solution to Weight Shift Problem

The Pocket Pin High Pro is an ultra-portable swing aid that slides under the outside edge of the golfer's front foot. It "clicks" when weight is transferred forward during the downswing. Regular practice with the Pocket Pin High Pro will establish the muscle memory to shifting weight forward. You will shift weight forward more consistently with fewer swing thoughts!! w3-copy-900x900 The "sensation" of weight forward, confirmed by the "clicking" sound  gives you the swing sequence needed to be replicated for better ball strikes. To purchase visit Enter the code BASICS, for an instant $5 discount.  

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