Pin High Pro

Pocket Pin High Pro can help you BREAK 90!

To break any golf score barrier, including 90, you need more control. Once you have control, power and distance will naturally follow. By striking the ball with your weight planted on the front foot, you can hit down and through the more consistently. The set up and swing should be basically the same for each shot, a slow one piece take away, and down swing started by the lower body. The slow one piece take away gives the lower body time to start the down swing before the lag of the upper body. If the back swing starts too quickly, the upper body gets ahead of the lower body creating all sorts of problems with the ball strike. Having the lower body start the down swing consistently can be difficult to execute on a consistent basis. The Pocket Pin High Pro can help you create a more consistent down swing by establishing the muscle memory needed to replicate the down swing starting with the lower body. When you practice your swing with the Pocket Pin High Pro, it "Clicks" when your weight is fully shifted to the front foot. This instant feed back lets you know weight has transferred forward and also gives you the "Feeling" you want to replicate, for a more consistent swing. A more consistent swing will help you break your individual the score barrier, guaranteed!! For more information on the Pocket Pin High Pro, including golf tips, blogs and instructional videos, please visit

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