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The Augusta Experience

Everyone should experience being at the Masters at least once. The beauty of Augusta National and the excitement of such a high level of competition keeps one in constant admiration. Bubba won the coveted Green Jacket, but the field was crowed at the top of the leader board the first two days with Jordan Spieth in the lead for many holes. He didn't win, but tied for second and let everyone know this 20 year old is just getting started in what should be a fabulous career! The shots that were made and the long puts that sank were incredible! Those of us who love the game and play as often as we can know exactly how much talent these professional golfers have. To shape shots around trees and blast of of the bunkers as they do keeps me glued to the screen asking, how can they perform such a perfect shot with millions of people watching, when I have trouble sinking a 3 foot putt with just my buddies watching! And the money! I'll miss my 3 foot putt because I have three people watching me with probably $1 riding on my putt. The players at the Masters were standing over putts that were worth hundreds of thousands!! All that being said I always enjoy the Masters and most professional matches because it reminds me that I love a game that is complex, difficult to master and addictive. This game is also very rewarding! Every now and then I hit a shot that does what I intended it to do, YEA! It doesn't happen all that often, but when it does I'm happy. I can also be out doors on a beautifully manicured piece of real estate enjoying the camaraderie of friends who also love the game. I'm blessed and feel fortunate to enjoy the game at my level. I love the game and plan to play as long as I can. I also enjoy growing the game. I had difficulty shifting my weight to the front foot before hitting the ball, so instead of hitting down and through the ball, I was scooping the ball while my weight was on my rear foot. I never took a divot. I created a device called the Pocket Pin High Pro. This swing aid clicks when weight is shifted to the front foot giving the golfer instant feed back that weight has fully transferred. This instant feed back also gives he golfer the feel that needs to be replicated to produce more consistent solid ball strikes. Instructional videos and additional golf tips can be seen at

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