Pin High Pro

Make Golf Fun Again Through Better Focus

Like all games, the game of golf has some rounds that are better than others. I have had rounds like I'm sure you also have when you hit the sweetest shot in your bag only to be followed by the worst.

I can never figure out how my strikes can go from one extreme to the other, but I suppose it must be my focus.

Losing focus for an instant can cause all sorts of bad things to happen. When I hit a crappy shot, one of the thoughts that help me recover is the realization of where I am standing. I'm on a beautifully manicured piece of property, seeing awesome vistas, playing a most challenging game with my friends!

Yes, I get mad at myself for losing focus and will do my best the keep focus next swing. I do feel blessed to know about the game, the challenges it has to offer and the good health to play.

Sometimes a golf swing aid will help you stay focused on creating the muscle memory needed to eliminate swing thoughts, the major culprit when the focus is lost.

If shifting weight to the front foot prior to hitting the ball is your problem, the Pocket Pin High Pro gives you instant feedback that weight has shifted giving you the feeling and rhythm you need to replicate. The best way to improve your swing is practice. Practicing gives you the confidence and skill needed to make those pure strikes more consistently. Enjoy the Game. Enjoy the Challenge.

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