Pin High Pro

A Better Putting Stroke for a Lower Scoring Round

I don't know about you, but it seems that whenever one segment of my game improves, the wheels fall off another! My recent nemesis has been putting.

The specific problem is keeping my head down and still until the stroke is made. My read of the greens is OK, my speed is usually correct, but when I lift my head ever so slightly, all of the pre-putt rituals are in vain!

When I lift my head just a little, it turns my shoulders and club face which renders the putt a miss. Since my problem is the stroke and follow-through, I find that if I wait to see the few blades of grass the ball is sitting on after striking the ball, it keeps my head still for that millisecond which always makes for a better putt.

If your challenge is shifting weight to the front foot prior to hitting the ball, the Pocket Pin High Pro can help. This ultra-portable golf swing aid clicks when weight is fully transferred to the front foot, enabling you to hit down and through the ball. This instant audio confirmation that weight has transferred, establishes muscle memory for a more consistent ball strike. "A better game is just a click away." 

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