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Why Aren't You Taking A Divot with Every Drive?

Golf can be the most wonderful game in the world, but sometimes it can also be the most frustrating! One swing problem can also lead to several other problems complicating the fix. If you do not shift weight to the front foot prior to striking the ball, you will not have power, distance or control.

You must have weight forward in order to hit down and through the ball. That's where the divot comes in.

If weight is not on the front foot prior to striking the ball there will be no divot. Do the pros take a divot? Yes, you know they do, every time and usually a big one, looking like a squirrel flying through the air.

So if you want more power, control, and distance, let's get there! First, you need to practice your swing regularly since repetition will create the muscle memory needed to make the correct swing automatically. Next, you need to know if you're fully shifting weight to the front foot because many times we start the weight transfer sequence but swing thoughts derail the process and full transfer is never accomplished, many times you are not even aware the transfer did not occur.

How can you be certain weight has fully transferred to the front foot?

The Pocket Pin High Pro is a very low profile swing aid that is placed under the outside edge of your front foot. As you practice your full golf swing, the Pocket Pin High Pro "Clicks" when weight has fully transferred forward! So you can practice your swing with many aids, but only the Pocket Pin High Pro "Clicks" when weight transfer occurs, giving you instant auditory feedback and the "feeling" you want to replicate to accomplish weight shift.

So I ask, "Why practice not knowing?" Time is precious, and regular practice necessary, to accomplish the practice you need, and feel confident your time is judiciously spent, because the Pocket Pin High Pro informs you that your weight has fully shifted, otherwise, how would you know?? For more information, and instructional videos please visit Good Luck with your game, let's make this the year you lower your score

The Pocket Pin High Pro in ActionPocket Pin High Pro at the Range!

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