Pin High Pro

The Pocket Pin High Pro and the Power of Habit can Improve your Golf Game.

In his book,The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg reveals how we depend on certain habits to guide us through everyday life, including personal hygiene, meal time preparation and work preferences. If you want to improve your golf score, why not use the power of habit to improve your swing and increase your confidence all of which will lead to lower scores. The brain's utilization of habit is intriguing, but simply explained, First, there is a CUE, which triggers the brain into automatic mode. For our purposes we can identify the CUE as our desire to have a better golf swing, a lower score and more self-confidence while standing over the ball. ROUTINE is the next section of the sequence. The ROUTINE can be physical or emotional, therefore for our immediate purpose it can be both. The ROUTINE would be the regular and systematic practice swings. This section of the sequence helps establish the muscle memory needed to swing smoothly so as to completely shift weight to the front foot with fewer swing thoughts. The practice swing does not need to be excessive. They just need to be performed on a regular basis. (Three or four times per week for no more than five minutes at a time will be sufficient.) The last part of the basic habit loop is the REWARD which will come after a few weeks of regular practice swings. More practice swing sessions will develop the smooth rhythm and timing we all hope to master in the golf swing. The confidence will also become apparent early on because we now feel more comfortable addressing the ball and know the ROUTINE, since you have practiced it many times! Enjoy the feeling of confidence and lower score!! Your HABIT loop to improve your Golf Game can be assisted by The Pocket Pin High Pro. This swing aid is placed under your front foot and "clicks" when your weight is shifted to the front foot during the down swing. Fully shifting weight to the front foot will enable you to hit down and through the ball for a more solid strike, more power, control and distance. The Pocket Pin high Pro is ultra-portable. You can practice your swing indoors or outside. It only weighs 3 ounces so you can carry it in your pocket or golf bag and always have it handy when you want to confirm weight is shifting to the front foot. The evidence is audible, if the Pocket Pin High Pro clicks, your weight has shifted, if not, more practice is needed! Video and written information and instruction can be found at 2012-11-17 10.14.45(1)w3-copy-900x900

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