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The Secret Power of the 'Chip and Run' Shot for Your Golf Game

The chip is a short low shot that is made from an area very close to the green with the intention of rolling the ball toward the hole, leaving a short putt. The Junior Golf Book, by Larry Hayes and Rhonda Glenn describes the stance of the Chip and Run. 

They write,” Your stance should be much like your putting stance, but slightly open to allow you to see the line to the hole.  An “open” stance is when your right foot is a bit closer to the ball than your left foot (opposite for left-handed players). This means your feet are aligned slightly to the left of the target; your feet will be fairly close together, with your knees flexed and your weight on the front (or left) foot.”

In his book Golf from Tee to Green-The essential guide for young golfers, Clive Gifford states, ”The chip shot swing is short and is played with firm wrists throughout. Top players plan their shot just like they would a putt and pick a target point, usually just on the green, to aim the ball to land on with its first bounce. If they pick the right spot and execute the shot well, they expect the ball to roll up and down the contours of the green to get very close to the hole.”

He continues, ”Avoid leaning back as you chip to try to lift the ball. Keep your weight on your front side.” I have been told by golf instructors that teaching students to keep most of their weight on the left foot, or front side, is difficult because the students feel as if the majority of their weight is on the left foot when in fact it is not.

The Pocket Pin High Pro can assist the golfer in learning this most important shot by constantly letting the golfer or instructor know the weight is on the front foot. The swing aid gives you a positive "click" when you properly shift your weight on to your front foot during your golf swing (and yes, it works great for both left and right-handed golfers.

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