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Why Getting Lined Up Matters for Your Best Golf Game

Mr. Gifford also addresses the basic move of getting lined up.  He writes, ”With your club gripped, now is the time to line up your shot. Getting the club behind the ball with the clubface pointing toward the target, and your body in the right place for your swing, is known as the set-up, or address, position. Try to get into the habit of using the same routine each time you get into the address position. This will help you produce accurate shots. Always take time to set up carefully. Although golf shots are played over long distances, being out of line by a couple of inches can lead to your shot landing many yards wide of your target.”

In Beginning Golf, Julie Jensen describes the basic set-up stating, “To aim the club correctly, Nick first finds a target. Next, he thinks of a railroad track going to his target. He imagines that his ball is on the outside rail. He pretends that he is standing on the inside rail. His feet, knees, hips and shoulders are all the same distance from the outside rail.”

Lining up to the target is another one of those basic golf moves that need to be mastered by the Junior Golfer. We all silently recite different reminders to help us set up and lineup to the target. As the junior golfer practices his/her golf swing rhythm and weight shift to the left side, they can be cognizant of an imaginary straight edge. They can still mentally review the specifics memorized in lining up to the target, but adding the straight edge to direction orientation will only reinforce and confirm the feeling of accurately lining up to the target.

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