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Bruce Curtis & Jay Morelli on Why You Need To Get To The Left Side

In her book for juniors, Golf in Action, Bobbie Kalman writes, ”As you swing your club down, turn your body to the left. Shift your weight from your right side to your left.” 

She adds, “when making your forward swing, you need to hit the ball solidly to send it into the air. Just before your clubhead reaches the ball, the leading edge, or bottom edge, of your club should brush along the grass.  As your swing improves and you develop more power, your club will actually dig into the earth.  The piece of ground you unearth is called a divot.” 

Getting to the left side before impact is the only way you can hit down and through the ball, taking a divot.

In their book, Beginning Golf, Bruce Curtis and Jay Morelli state on page 21,”At the top of the swing the player has created power by 'winding up' the upper part of his body. The downswing is a natural unwinding of the power created and also includes the transfer of body weight from the back foot to the front foot.”

The authors add, “There are no tricks to solid contact. As you swing the club through the ball and toward the target, the ball merely gets in the way of a good swinging motion. The follow through is the grand finale of the previous steps. The “center” has moved toward the target, the club has been fully swung and is held relaxed over the left shoulder, and almost all the weight is on the forward foot.”

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