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Two Simple Products for Better Alignment and Weight Shift

Alignment rodsProper alignment and weight shift are two key parts of the golf swing, but they can be frustratingly difficult to master. Fortunately, there are two great portable swing aids that make it easy to improve your alignment and correct your weight shift.

Alignment Rods   

Alignment in golf is difficult because you face in one direction while aiming in another. I hate to think about the good shots I thought I would enjoy only to discover I was lined up 30 yards to the right of my intended target!

To fix this problem, when I visit the driving range, I take fiberglass alignment rods to help me establish the parallel lines needed to set alignment. With rods in place I know my feet are in the correct position to aim at my target 90 degrees to my left. This all seems strange at first, but after a while, muscle memory takes over and you feel more comfortable and confident with feet position in relation to the target location.

Pocket Pin High Pro

If your weight is not on the front foot when you strike the ball, you lack power and control. For many years, I never really knew if I was shifting my weight completely.

To overcome this issue, I invented my own training aid, the Pocket Pin High Pro. This ultra portable aid clicks when my weight has shifted to the front foot, giving me the instant feedback I need to confirm the weight transfer. This clicking noise helps you establish the muscle memory of the “feel” you want to replicate during the downswing.

What’s the point in practicing if you don’t know if you are shifting your weight properly? Get immediate feedback with the Pocket Pin High Pro. Visit our online shop to order one today!


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