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How to Increase Lag for More Club Head Speed

How to Increase Lag for More Club Head Speed
We all know that a faster club head speed will produce a longer golf shot, but simply swinging harder is usually disastrous. So how do you create more club head speed without throwing off the tempo and rhythm of your current swing? You increase the lag.

What is Lag?

Simply put, the lag during the golf swing is the period of time from the beginning of the downswing through the ball strike. As the body rotates during the downswing, power and speed are created by centrifugal force. When you learn to increase the lag by just milliseconds, you add more club head speed, and thus more power and distance.

Learning to Lag

As you practice your swing, consciously hold back your upper body as the lower body starts the downswing. Even though you are consciously holding back, the upper body is only being delayed by a millisecond. As your body becomes accustomed to this feeling of holding back, muscles are stretched and the lag begins to feel more comfortable.  

Using Swing Aids

Golf swing aids like our Pocket Pin High Pro can help you establish the muscle memory needed to increase your lag. This swing aid clicks when your weight is transferred to the front foot during the downswing. By knowing exactly when your weight has shifted to the front foot, the auditory feedback gives you the “feel” of the downswing through impact.

Now that you have the “feel” of the downswing, you can consciously hold back the upper body, stretch your muscles, and create a longer lag than before. Remember, the longer the lag in your swing, the more speed your club head will have when it contacts the ball. Our golf weight shift training aid will help you establish the muscle memory needed to increase your lag for a more powerful ball strike. Visit our online shop to buy a Pocket Pin High Pro now.


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