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4 Simple Steps of a Pre-Shot Routine

There’s a reason the pros conduct a pre-shot before every ball strike.

The routine gives them the confidence that all the segments that make up the swing have been set, checked and satisfied, allowing shot execution with fewer swing thoughts.

The pre-shot routine is different for every golfer, but the easy, simple routine will be used more often and therefore more effective.

A pre-shot routine will lower your score!

Step 1. Check your club grip.

A proper hold on the golf club is the first step towards positioning the clubhead throughout the entire swing.

The grip should be loose enough to allow the swing to take place without trying to over influence the ball flight. If the grip is not correct the clubface will be off target creating a disappointing shot.

Always Check Golf Club Grip Position

Step 2. Get visual with the ball.

After checking your grip, stand behind the ball looking at the target for visual confidence of the intended ball flight.

Stand Behind the Golf Ball and Visualize Ball Flight

Step 3. Swing it out.

Take several full swings to help relax and get prepared for the upcoming ball strike.

Step 4. Get set in your swing stance.

Place the clubface behind the ball positioned in the direction of the target and intended ball flight.

Then, place your feet in the proper position based on the clubface, but step back from the final position and take a few more full swings to relax.

After a few full swings to relax and get mentally set to strike the ball, step into your swing position and commit to the golf swing.

Get In Your Swing Stance & Commit To The Shot!


Having a pre-shot routine allows you to physically and mentally prepare for the next shot.

This simple routine gives you the confidence that major swing segments have been checked allowing you to make a good smooth swing, and focus on the target!

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