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3 Easy Tricks For Golf Season Preparation

At the end of each golf season, there are always segments of my game that I want to improve. I always say, "next season I'm going to spend more time practicing my putting, chipping etc."

Sometimes I stick to my golf season resolution, but in honesty most times I'm immediately immersed in the new season playing with the old habits I promised myself I would correct.

Do you find yourself in the same boat?

Last season I created 3 easy steps/tricks to improve my short iron game and actually stuck to my game plan. Those simple steps are:

  1. A Mind & Body for Golf
  2. Just Work It Out
  3. Swinging To Win

These easy steps with a little practice helped me hit more greens in regulation and actually chip the ball closer to the hole giving me more birdie opportunities.

Step #1 - A Mind & Body for Golf

Get into better mental and physical shape even before going to the range. I have a section of my basement setup to exercise.

There are dumbbells, balance boards, and rubber mats to stretch with and do floor calisthenics.

I stretch my back and hamstrings, and then do a few sets of pushups and sit-ups on a Bosu Ball.

These exercises get the body charged because a new golf season is about to start and I'm getting stronger and more flexible, two physical aspects I know will help improve my game.

Pushups on Bosu Ball for Golf Season Prep

Crunches on Bosu Ball to Increase Core Strength for Golf Swing

Dumbbell Presses on Bosu Ball for Core and Bicep Strength

Step #2 - Just Work It Out 

I also have a section of my basement setup to swing a golf club.

I first assume the ready stance without a club.

I place my right hand on my left shoulder and my left hand on my right shoulder.

I have a slight bend in my knees, and I go through the motion of the golf swing, leading with my hips and following through so the buckle of my belt is pointing at the target when the swing is finished.

I go through this routine about 10 times each session.

Practice swing rotation without club

Practice your golf swing follow-through without club

Approximately three times a week, for about five minutes each time, I try to focus on timing, accuracy and follow through. To help with the accuracy part, I have a black dot on the hitting mat that I hit through.

Increase golf swing accuracy by hitting through black dot

This is setting the stage for a good solid flexible swing before going to the range.

Step #3 - Swinging To Win

I have been to the driving range many times over the years to hit balls. But, until recently, that's exactly what I did, hit balls but with no specific purpose in mind.

Yes, I wanted to improve ball strikes and hitting large buckets of balls probably helped my game, but in honesty many times I would leave the range just as frustrated as I arrived because I was exhausted and not happy with the majority of ball strikes.

I now go to the range with just a few clubs in my hands, usually a seven iron, nine iron and pitching wedge.

I don't rush through the bucket of balls but instead, take my time focusing on each and every ball.

I read an article several years ago about having three swings with all the irons and I practice the three swing idea with the clubs I have at the range.

I pick a target and try to execute the shot at hand, some shots being quarter swing, half, then full swing. By practicing the different distances, I feel more comfortable with the execution when the shot I'm about to take actually counts. 

So, there you have it, my three easy tips to help prepare you for your golf season. It's never too late to start working on your golf game. So, even if you're reading this post in the middle of the season, you can still make a positive impact on your game.

Oh, and don't forget, you should be sure to really round out your season prep by using your Pocket Pin High Pro so you know you're properly shifting your weight at the crucial moments of your downswing (hey, I have to plug my product where I can!).

Thanks and see you on the links.

- Carl Papa

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