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“How to END the One Swing Fault That’s Keeping YOU from Becoming a Low-Handicap Mega-Golfer Who Consistently Smacks it Off the Tee and Has the Ball Dancing With the Flag Every Shot.”

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Pay close attention. Why? In the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal the #1 problem that most golfers face … plus I’m going to reveal EXACTLY how to fix that problem … without spending a small fortune on lessons … and without buying new clubs or anything expensive.

Once you solve this problem, you can transform your game overnight. You will become the golfer you know you can be.

So let me ask …

“What’s the BIG Problem?”

As the founder of Pin High Pro, I’ve spent hundreds of hours personally interviewing many of the world’s top golf teachers.

People like Jim McLean and Martin Chuck … to name a few. The teachers who teach the world’s top golfers like Justin Rose.

One thing I’ve discovered from these teachers? The ONE THING that separates the amazing golfers from the chumps?


Let me explain so that …

You Understand the Problem … and How You Can Fix it, FAST …

Here’s the “elephant in the room” problem for most golfers … the problem that keeps golfers from reaching their full potential.

In the perfect swing, here’s what happens when it comes to weight transfer.
  • At address, the weight is distributed evenly … front foot and back foot.
  • During the backswing, weight moves to the back foot.
  • At the top of the backswing, weight must move quickly to the front foot a fraction of a second before the downswing starts.
  • At impact, almost all the weight MUST be on that front foot.
  • With the swing complete, the weight stays on that front foot … and all in balance.
Most golfers can get their weight to their back foot during the backswing. But then something bad happens … the weight stays on the back foot. Ruh-roh!

What happens when the weight stays on the back foot?

Nothing very good.

You will not make consistent contact. You will hit some thin shots. You will hit some big-time “fatty” shots … plus a lot of foozles and look-away-awful shots.

All bad … so let me describe …

What Happens When You Fix That Big-Time Problem …

Watch a seriously good golfer in slow motion and here’s what you’ll see at impact …

Notice how that weight is on the front foot?

So here’s what happens when you get the weight to the front foot …
  • Solid contact with every club in your bag.
  • A piercing trajectory.
  • Accuracy because it’s easier to get the clubface square to the target line at impact.
  • Maximum distance.
  • Consistency … every time you tee it up.
You start to become the golfer you can be. Suddenly, golf becomes a totally different game.

Getting my weight to the front foot just before I start the downswing is something I’ve been working on A TON … it’s working for me and I’m close to achieving my goal of being a scratch golfer.

Correct weight transfer is SO important that many golf teachers use a special pad to see where the student’s weight is … during the entire swing.

One of these teachers? Sean Foley … who teaches Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan.

So … now let me describe …

One of The Most Interesting People in Golf … And What He Means For You …

I’m Todd Kolb, the founder and CEO of US Golf TV. I’ve been around the game all my life … I’ve met many of the biggest and greatest names in golf.

But one of the most intriguing people I’ve met is Carl Papa. He’s a long-time golfer who was fed up with inconsistent golf.

So he did something about it.

He found the real problem he wasn’t improving … that “weight transfer problem.”

Carl knew he had to get the weight to his front foot before impact. But he was unable to do it – despite taking hours and hours of lessons and spending what seemed like an eternity on the driving range.

An engineer, Carl started to tinker around in his garage. He created a “thing” that "CLICKED" when he correctly shifted his weight. He placed this “thing” underneath his front foot. It took a while to perfect this new device but when he did, he started to hit some superb shots.

He called it …

The PIN HIGH PRO … A Powerful New Golf Training Aid … A Totally NEW Way to Achieve Super-Solid Contact With Every Club



To see the PIN HIGH PRO in action, watch the video below.

Here’s how to use the PIN HIGH PRO. 

   ONE. Take your stance.
   TWO. Put the PIN HIGH PRO under your front foot.
   THREE. Make a swing … with or without a ball.
   FOUR. When you transfer your weight correctly to the front foot, the PIN HIGH PRO makes a clicking noise.

When the PIN HIGH PRO clicks, you have transferred your weight correctly. You will enjoy instant improvement because you’re getting the weight correctly into the swing.

  • The PIN HIGH PRO is made from ultra-durable polycarbonate plastic.
  • Screws and springs are stainless steel … making all parts durable and weather resistant.
  • The PIN HIGH PRO weighs approximately 3 ounces and has a diameter of 4 -1/4 inches.
  • The height is less than 7/8 inches for a very low profile.
  • It takes approximately 30 lbs. to compress the spring to the point where it initiates the clicking sound … so you know your weight is forward.
  • Made in the USA.

Use Anywhere You Can Swing a Club

The PIN HIGH PRO is perfect for practice … anywhere. You can use it on the range when you’re hitting balls. Use it warm up before a round. Use in the back yard. Use in the office. Use it pretty much anywhere so you develop that all-important feel for getting the weight forward.

And even better … it fits in a standard-size pocket.

24 Reasons to Add the PIN HIGH PRO to Your Golf Improvement and Enjoyment Arsenal

I’m loving the PIN HIGH PRO and you will too … here’s why …

  1. You’ll get your weight to the front foot in the correct sequence so you maximize your distance with every club … including your driver.
  2. Enjoy piercing and penetrating tour-quality iron shots.
  3. Fix the most common swing fault – INCORRECT WEIGHT SHIFT.
  4. Say goodbye to slicing FOREVER! Never hit another banana ball again.
  5. Get a power-draw going … a must for most golfers looking for better-than-average distance.
  6. Dramatically improve your accuracy with every club in your bag.
  7. Practice pretty much anywhere there’s room to swing a club (but please be careful in your living room).
  8. Start to generate impressive clubhead speed for maximum distance … because your weight is in the correct place.
  9. Automatically make the correct moves with your lower body – without thinking about your lower body. That’s the beauty of the correct weight shift.
  10. Gain the correct weight distribution in your swing … a key to consistency.
  11. Get the hands ahead of the ball at impact … a crucial move for pure ball striking.
  12. Practice with the PIN HIGH PRO on the golf course so you maintain correct feel – even with uneven lies.
  13. You can even use the PIN HIGH PRO to help you hit different trajectories … low … high … draw … fade …
  14. Shoot lower scores with a bulletproof swing – because you’re making the correct weight shift.
  15. Gain confidence … because you’re getting the right feedback plus you’re seeing results.
  16. Enjoy “sweet spot” contact every time … the key to reducing your handicap.
  17. Eradicate problems like topping, lack of distance, pulls, pushes, poor contact, hooks, foozles, and other irritants.
  18. It’s super-easy to use … just put the PIN HIGH PRO under your front foot.
  19. It works – just ask the thousands of happy golfers …
  20. It fits in your golf bag … and weighs next to nothing.
  21. Years of use ... made from the highest quality materials.
  22. One size fits all … from 5 to 95 … male … female … lefty … righty …
  23. Will help any standard of golfer … from total beginner to champion.
  24. The ultra-low price … way below retail … click here now.

Golfers and Teaching Professionals Around the World Love the PIN HIGH PRO

These testimonials are from golfers who have purchased the PIN HIGH PRO.


“The Pin High Pro has really helped me develop a proper weight shift for my golf swing. The “click” of the Pin High Pro generated upon compression of the device by the front foot provides immediate feedback indicating the exact time the body weight has shifted in accordance with a proper golf swing. The device is always in my bag for use on the practice range. A truly wonderful invention.”

— Andrew Lake


“As the Director of Instruction at GolfTEC Knoxville, I have given over 13,000 private lessons in the last 8 years. The biggest issues most golfers have, is an unstable and unbalanced based during the swing. Without these pieces the golfer will struggle with proper weight transference in the downswing, which in turn leads to bigger issues that most amateur golfers face. This device helps build a better base and provides instant feedback to the golfer if he or she is performing the proper sequence like all tour professionals have in common. I remember when Carl stopped by with the original Pin High Pro a few years ago, I started to use it with my students had success with it. We had talked about something more portable and the answer was the Pocket. This new version is great and easier for a student to use at home or take to the range for instant feedback.” 

— Jason Nelson


“As a Master Teaching Professional, having taught many thousands of students to play the game. I’ve worked with every skill level from absolute beginner to collegiate team captains, as well as competed myself at the highest level. Through the 44 plus years in the game, I’ve seen numerous training aids that promise to cure swing flaws and have students reach their highest potential. Where a few actually do what they promise, the greatest majority become another gadget in the bottom of the closet. I recently acquired a (Pin High Pro) unit, and was surprised at just how beneficial it is in teaching. One of the last things people achieve when learning to properly swing the club is correctly transferring their weight to the forward side. In fear of losing their balance, they become apprehensive in committing to the shot and completing the swing. This leads to a lack of power as well as inconsistent ball striking. When I put the pin hi pro under my student’s forward foot, they make an added effort to get their weight forward and hear the click. This immediately builds confidence in the weight transfer and reassures them that they are completing the swing. The results are immediate and absolutely beneficial to anyone teaching or learning the game. It’s a great tool for indoor practice as well. I definitely give it a THUMBS UP.”

— Christopher Warner


“Some times simple is best. The PIN HI PRO really does give you instant feedback. If you shifted your weight correctly, you will hear the click. No weight shift, no click. The instant feedback really works in training weight shift. Of course there are other things to learn to make a correct swing, but this aids quickly provides the feedback that allows you to master weight shift.”

— Bob Kennedy


“I am a PGA golf instructor at Avalon golf club in Knoxville TN, and I have been using the Pin High Pro to really help my students understand how important it is to have that transfer of weight toward the target. It is really great to see my students start hitting the ball more solid and also see their faces light up because they are hitting the ball a lot farther. Carl Papa has really done a great job with providing a product that really works. Thanks Carl for your help. It has made my job a whole lot easier.”

— Clint Suggs


“The PIN HI PRO has really helped out my game. It has shown me the correct way to shift my weight when swinging the club. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a little help.”

— Raphael Dominguez


“This is a great product, compact, inexpensive, durable, easy to use, and you WILL get your weight shifted to the front foot. It will influence your swing and help create a positive outcome. It is a training aid that for me has been worth every penny.” 

— Dick Moran


“Half the battle of stopping the over-the-top, out-to-in move is getting your weight shifted, and shifting it at the right time. This little device really helps.”

— Dick Moran


“At first I didn’t think this product worked. It wasn’t clicking for me. I’m a bigger guy, and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t click. But then I realized I just wasn’t shifting my weight. It took me about 5-10 minutes of getting into the rhythm. After I took it off, I hit beautiful shots. Before, I was hitting anything but straight. I still do the bad habits like I did before, so I always carry it with me to ‘get back in the swing of things’. It’s a well made product, and I’ll use it for years. I’m glad I got it.”

— JR Charles


“What a relief to have a golf aid that really work and gets results for me. I just couldn’t get my weight shifted but with the feedback of the click from PIN HIGH PRO. After some good practice swings I got into a new rhythm and down came my score. This will be a new companion in my pocket when I head for the course now. A must have aid!!”

— Ed Behrens


“What an awesome training aid !!! I love the instant feedback which allows me to detect and correct my old swing flaws. I keep the Pin High Pro in my bag at all times.”

— Marc Carter


"3 things I love about the Pocket Pin High Pro …

1) Portable: It can go with me anywhere my golf bag goes without taking up much space or adding much weight. On the course, on the range, in my front yard.
2) Lower focus: So many swing aids are focused on the upper half of the body while ignoring the important lower half. The thing is, no matter how perfect you can train your upper half, if your lower body is out of sync, the ball won’t go where you want it to go. The Pocket Pin High Pro helps me train my lower half to always repeat a consistent weight shift.
3) REAL golf: I can not only use it while taking practice swings, I can use it while hitting REAL balls on the range or on the course. So many swing aids don’t allow you to get this kind of necessary feedback. I can start using it and see the real results it gives me."

— Tim Ferraris


“Being a novice golfer I needed all the help I could get. Pocket Pin High Pro helped me realize that I wasn’t properly shifting my weight during my swing and helped me to make the needed adjustment.”

— George Lucke


“The Pocket Pin Hi Pro is so easy to use. I actually (in a practice round) have placed the click button under my forward foot to get my round back on track. It’s easy and a quick fix for the dreaded reverse pivot. Thanks Carl for a great product.”

— Kit Mungo.


“I am an east Tennessee duffer….. I have used the PIN HIGH PRO for the last two years, and what a great aid, it helps me reinforce my muscle memory and give me positive feedback for my swing. I use Pin High Pro every time I golf for a warm up. I KNOW when I follow through, and I can hear when I am correctly shifting my weight to MAXimize my swing therefore MAXimize my distance. Game on Pin High Pro….GAME ON!!!!”

— Buzz Jellett.

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Make the Right Choice for Your Golf Game – Get Your Weight Shifted Correctly …

Now you have a BIG decision to make.

You can continue to struggle with your game … because you’re not shifting your weight correctly.

OR …

You can TRANSFORM YOUR GAME with the help of the PIN HIGH PRO … because you’re transferring your weight correctly.

To Great Golf,

Todd Kolb
Founder and CEO
US Golf TV

P.S. Remember...
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  • You can try the PIN HIGH PRO risk-free for 60 days.