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Weight Shift During Your Golf Downswing & Why It Matters

I think we can all agree that golf is a complex game! I have found that taking the different components of the swing, mastering each to the best of my ability, then tying them together, has been the best fix for me.

One of the most basic components in the swing is the weight shift. I have struggled with this basic move for years. The difficulty is too many swing thoughts, and never really knowing if I actually shifted weight to the front foot before hitting the ball.

Many times I would start the weight shift, but before getting to my front foot, my upper body would take over and the complete weight shift would never take place. One simple solution is just to take a half swing and concentrate on the full follow through.

This will help you establish a “feel” for getting to the front foot, giving you a short sequence to replicate. This simple exercise will also help you follow through more consistently, another key sequence in the golf swing.

We attempt to execute many elements of the golf swing never knowing if we executed them properly. Videoing a swing is an excellent aid to show you what position you were in when striking the ball. Aligned improperly, head or shoulders in the wrong position, the video will let you see your problem, giving you insight on how to correct. Instant audio feedback is also a great self-help aid.

To help establish muscle memory in completely shifting weight to the front foot, the Pocket Pin High Pro clicks when the weight shift is completed. If it doesn’t click, you have not shifted your weight! Practicing with the Pocket Pin High Pro will give you the feel needed to shift your weight to the front foot more consistently, with fewer swing thoughts. 

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