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Should You Video Your Golf Swing?

Golfers spend significant amounts of time and money each year to analyze their golf swing.  Some go to golf centers that offer swing analysis using high tech electronic equipment that can freeze and analyze each second of your golf swing. 

This analysis can be very effective in identifying swing problems but is very expensive, and the solutions can be difficult to apply.  Golfers take home a complete analysis of their swing, including club head speed, and biomechanics which usually includes upper body and head position during the swing. 

Also included are estimates on ball distance and trajectory. Sometimes simplicity is better!  If you need a swing aid that will help you establish the muscle memory in shifting weight from the back to the front foot during the golf downswing, the Pocket Pin High Pro can help. It automatically clicks when your weight properly shifts from the back to the front foot.

Once your weight is confirmed to be on the left side, you can focus on the upper body that follows, your shoulders, arms, and hands, enabling you to hit down and through the ball. When videoing your swing, listen for the audible "click" of the Pocket Pin High Pro when you review your tape. 

You will know when your weight has shifted to the front foot when you hear that distinctive "CLICK!". With that information you can analyze body and head position in relation to the lower part of the body, noting any adjustments that could be made to improve posture and alignment.

The Pocket Pin High Pro is an inexpensive, portable swing aid that gives the golfer instant feedback regarding his downswing and weight transfer.  Sometimes less information can be more helpful, and sometimes simplicity is simply better!

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