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The Benefits of Golfing With Buddies

Golfing with your buddies is good for the body and soul. Those of us lucky enough to have a regular weekly game look forward to game day so we see our close friends and correct those ball strikes that lead to additional strokes last play.

In East Tennessee, we are fortunate to live in a moderate temperate zone so we can play almost year round. Those living in Florida and Arizona are truly fortunate because in winter months you play in 70-degree weather while the Northern regions are shoveling snow.

However, don't forget the swing adjustments you can make to your game as you get older as well (so you can keep playing longer!).

Physical Activity Benefits

Golf is a low impact sport so there is low risk for injury. It is a leisurely activity that has less strenuous requirements on the legs and lower back than other sports.

The infrequent injuries that occur are relatively minor. Senior Golfers enjoy the fact they can still burn calories and get a workout without exhausting the body or risking injury. Warming up and stretching before a round is always recommended to lessen the risk of injury.

Walking 10,000 steps a day is recommended by health officials. These cumulative steps are about 5 miles and burns approximately 1,100 calories.
This round of golf with buddies also tones muscles and improves balance. The sunlight you are being exposed to is converted to vitamin D, a building block for good health in general, including the quality of sleep.  
Aligning the body for each shot stimulates the brain and sharpens hand-eye coordination. This low impact exercise will improve the flow of blood throughout the body, including the ears so they give you the ability to quickly react if you hear the word, "four!"

Mental Activity Benefits

With life comes problems and emotional stress of different magnitudes. While the truly significant stresses are hard to temporarily ignore, lessor brain drains can be put aside when one focuses on the golf game.

This temporal res bit is good for mental health and will actually help resolve pending issues. The brain is constantly stimulated while we assess our next shot. How far the green is and what club should I select and are there tree limbs I need to consider and what about the wind speed.

Is the putt straight or does it break and also the slight downhill will also need to be taken into consideration?

These are just a few of the putt thoughts swirling through the mind. Experience will take over and after you line the put up, relax and take a good stroke and there's a good chance the putt will sink!    

Game improving Benefits

Although we love playing golf with our regular foursome, beating the buddy with the lower handicap is always on your mind. This makes you practice shots before the next buddy round and stay focused so you can plan and execute the shot intended!

When the ball does as expected![/caption] Shifting weight to the front foot before striking the ball is crucial. Being posted and hitting down and through the ball will increase control and power.

Taking a divot is confirmation the weight was shifted forward before the strike. I love the game of golf, but at times it can be frustrating!

Your swing can be working just fine, then all of a sudden nothing seems to work. Even addressing the ball at times can feel uncomfortable.

Out of sync swing rhythm can be caused by not having weight on the front foot, and "coming over the top."    If you have trouble shifting weight to the front foot prior to the ball strike, Pocket Pin High Pro can help!

This ultra-portable swing aid will click when your weight is shifted to the front foot during the downswing. This aid will give you the weight forward sensation to replicate and will confirm the weight shift with a click.

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