Pin High Pro

Problem Solved: 5 Brilliant Gifts for Men under $25

Goodbye socks and giftcards! We looked high and low to round up these brilliant gifts for the extraordinary gentlemen in your life. gift for golfer swing aid

1. Pin High Pro.  Our very own swing aid, specially designed to help golfers with weight shifting issues and “swing thoughts” -- those distracting ideas that enter your head just at the moment you should be letting go. Marked improvement for every ability level.

2. Corkcicle. Perfect wine in 20 minutes flat. ‘nuf said

3. 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener. Made by, an organization that donates 15% of profits to veterans charities. Their motto is “redefining the purpose of the bullet."

4. Finger Print Bookmark. Allows you, or Grandpa, to pick up right where you left off. :) Now if you can just find your glasses!

 5. Portable Cell Phone Charger, Anker: Pocket-size USB charger allows you to stay in touch no matter where you are. Great for travel or any situation where it can be hard to find an outlet.  

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