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Mac Bartine, Keynote Speaker at KEC

Last Friday, March 7th, I attended the Knoxville Entrepreneurs Center meeting in downtown Knoxville with about 30 other members. The Entrepreneur Spotlight was on Jed Eaton, the inventor of LineShark, a go anywhere connect to anything electronic device for musicians. Jed is starting a Kickstarter Campaign so please visit him at and show local support! The Keynote Speaker was Mac Bartine, Principal and COO of Vieo Design. Mac gave us several new ideas to help move our projects along. Most of his ideas were social media infusions to turbo charge our projects. Unfortunately, I did not get to speak with Mac after his presentation. After all meetings, the members network with other members and share new ideas and discuss our victories and defeats. Mac was constantly surrounded by members asking questions. When things settled down and I searched for him he was gone. I wanted to tell Mac about my invention, The Pocket Pin High Pro (PPHP). I do not know if Mac plays golf, but I'm certain he knows that many business deals and contracts are sealed on the links. I would like to invite Mac to have a #MacAttack on a local golf course where I can help him improve his golf swing, and he can stimulate my weary brain and suggest new and different ways to market. Mac cannot lose with this proposition. I know he is busier than a one-armed wall paper hanger, so a few hours outside in beautiful East Tennessee, probably with mountains in the background, is always therapeutic. When his golf game improves, he will have a new and totally different venue to conduct business. Oh, let's not forget the healthy dose of vitamin D and physical exercise. Talking about a win win!! Carl Papa, Pin High Pro

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