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You Have To Train Your Body to Have a Better Golf Game

Have you ever tried to draw a picture with your non-writing hand? It isn’t easy…some would describe it as awkward or uncomfortable.

What about trying to play an instrument without training?

For most, your mind and body would be confused and the tune off key. Beginning a sport is no different…your body must be trained to move in a certain way. Practice with those movements and teaching your muscles which way to shift is necessary to be good at anything…especially golf.

It is no secret that the lower half of the body, the legs, and hips, is more troublesome to train than the upper half when working on the golf swing.

Golf pros worldwide have identified weight shift to the left foot as being a critical piece of body movement when swinging the club.

Yet, that movement, much like writing with the wrong hand, can be awkward. The Pocket Pin High Pro is an exciting new golf swing aid that assists in training your body to make that all-important shift to the left.

As you get the movement down, the device clicks to help make a brain, muscle connection. As you continue to practice, you will begin to automatically move the correct way on the golf course. Better movement on the golf course will lead to a lower score!

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