Tips for Keeping the Golf Swing Sharp During Winter Months

Streaching On Mat

I don’t know about you, but winter months always have a negative affect on my game. While some golfers can be away from their game for a few months and not be affected, I need a club in my hand on a regular basis to keep my physical game in tact. I need to swing a club which keeps the physical and just as important, psychological aspect sharp!


Stay In Good Physical Condition

Keeping in good physical shape is not only good for playing golf, but life in general. It will help your game by giving you more stamina, flexibility and strength. Good physical and mental health also gives you an edge on the psychological aspect of the game!

Attending a work out facility may be more motivational to some golfers. If you’re going to join a gym to shay in shape during the cold winter months I suggest a facility like Fairways and Greens. Fairways and Greens in Knoxville Tn offers a free weights and strength machines along with cardio equipment. F&G in Knoxville also offers indoor hitting nets, an indoor putting green and an outdoor driving range with heated stalls. Of course lessons are also available year round.



Set up an indoor putting green

This is easy! Putting mats are not expensive, and be rolled up when not in use. You can also pick a section of carpet and put into a drinking glass like we have all done many times. As good or better than a glass is the round paper coaster you can get a the local restaurant or bar. These are just the right size, approx 4 Inches in diameter and flat. This target will help sharpen putting accuracy and distance during winter months since you can try to stop the ball on or close the the coaster. Best of all the logo on the coaster will remind you that a beer is in order once practice is finished!!


Swing Aids that can be used indoors

Indoor hitting net








Several products allow you to practice full swings inside when inclement winter weather keeps you indoors. Indoor practice nets are easy to set up and will let you take full swings. You can feel the solid strike as you hit the all, but the net will not give you any flight information. Flight information on balls hit inside is possible, but more expensive. Today’s technology offers many products that allow the golfer to take full swings hitting balls into a electronically sensitive screen. The electronics involved will tell the the golfer the ball trajectory, club head speed and distance.


Easy position under front foot.


Confirms weight shift with a click, indoors or out.

Ultra portable!








Another low tech but highly effective swing aid is the Pocket Pin High Pro. This ultra portable swing aid will confirm weight shift to the front foot with a clicking sound. The Pocket Pin High Pro will create the muscle memory needed to shift weight to the front foot more consistently with fewer swing thoughts. It can be used indoors so you can practice your full golf swing indoors and solidify the automatic weight shift to the front foot. Practice during the winter months will have you prepared for the tee box when warmer weather arrives!