Being a golf instructor, I want to teach my students so that they will be able to diagnose swing flaws on their own.  While on the range with students, the Pocket Pin High Pro is great for giving instant feedback about getting to your left side.  With the Pocket Pin High Pro being easy to use and portable, it can allow golfers working with or without a golf instructor to understand the feeling of a correct weight shift with a “Click”!Alex Hunt, PGA, Dead Horse Lake Golf Course, Knoxville, TN.

The Pocket Pin High Pro is an excellent teaching aid that ensures proper weight shift by causing a clicking sound. With easy transportability the Pocket Pin High Pro is a high quality innovation.David Reed | Golf Professional/Director of Instruction, Ruggles Ferry Golf Course, Knoxville,TN 37871

The Pin High Pro is a great portable training device that makes the novice as well as the seasoned golfer get weight to their left side, therefore creating power and accuracy by making sure you finish your golf swing. I recommend it for any caliber of player.Brad Shirley, Head PGA Golf Professional Country Hills Golf Club

I can’t believe how well I’m doing after just 2 weeks using the Pin High Pro.Jayson Swain, Former wide receiver for the Chicago Bears

A solid repeating golf swing requires timing, rhythm, and balance. This is all synchronized with a well timed weight shift. The Pin High Pro lets you know precisely on every swing when the all important weight shift occurs, making practice more productive and worthwhile.Rock Saraceni, Former head golf professional & PGA instructor

Weight shift to the lead foot is critical for a fundamentally sound golf swing. Without weight shift, the arms and upper body compensate, resulting in a poor ball strike. The Pin High Pro gives immediate feed back when the proper weight shift occurs, helping the golfer establish muscle memory.Jason Nelson, PGA Member Director of Instruction, GolfTec, Knoxville, TN

The Pin High Pro is a super innovation that allows all levels of golfers know if proper weight shift is occurring.David Reed, Golf Professional & Instructor at Ruggles Ferry Golf Club