Our Story

The Pin High Pro Story

By Carl Papa…Inventor of Pin High Pro

I get asked quite often why and how I created the Pin High Pro golf aid. I have always loved the game of golf, even though most of my life, I have been a bogey golfer. I have enjoyed the challenge and complexity of the game, along with being outdoors, and spending time with good friends. The occasional par and infrequent birdie added enrichment to my game.

A frequent problem I have had over the years is not hitting down on the ball and taking a divot.  Many swing thoughts would start to occur, clouding my mind and causing me to forget the basic parts of the swing. One basic, critical part of the down swing is starting the downward movement with the legs and torso. I could never remember to automatically start the down swing with my legs, so I used my upper body to swing the club.  Getting the legs into the game is not most people’s instinct.  You must practice working the lower body to activate the best swing technique. I know this firsthand because I played several years using mostly my upper body, even though I constantly lacked distance and accuracy with each golf shot.