Coming over the top

Coming “over the top” is another phrase used by golfers who hit the ball while the majority of their weight is on the back foot. It is impossible to control the shot if the ball is hit while coming “over the top.” In order to hit a solid shot with distance and accuracy, the golfer must hit down on the ball, which can only be accomplished if the golfer’s weight is on the left foot at the time of impact.

The Pin High Pro can help establish muscle memory in starting the down swing with the lower body. Starting the down swing with the lower body and instinctively getting to the left side will help eliminate those dreaded “over the top ” shots.


Get to the left side

Talk to any golf teaching professional and they will tell you that getting to the left side is one of the most important aspects of the golf swing. And they will also tell you that getting to the left side is one of the hardest for the golfer to master.

Pin High Pro is a golf swing training aid that beeps as you shift your weight to the left side at the exact right time. And using Pin High Pro to practice this essential shift will reinforce critical rhythm and timing and help eliminate several distracting swing thoughts.

Get lined up

A Bonus worth mentioning. Hitting a golf ball towards a target is truly a challenge. The numerous movements and sequence of actions to hit the ball is challenging enough, but alignment can be just as difficult. When lining up to the ball, your body should be perpendicular to the target.

With too many swing thoughts it is easy to forget the individual set up sequence we all perform to ensure we are hitting the ball towards the target.  Many golfers place a golf club on the ground as a guide, helping them with alignment. The straight edge of the Pin High Pro mat can help the golfer get oriented without placing clubs on the ground.

Pin High Pro helps you when addressing the ball by making the set up easier and working on the feel of alignment as you establish your swing rhythm getting to the left side.

Chip & run

To master this shot the majority of the golfer’s weight must be on the front foot. This can be a difficult feeling to master since many golfers feel that the majority of their weight is on the front foot, when in fact it is not.

The Pin High pro can help develop the muscle memory and reinforce the feeling of weight forward. As the golfer practices this shot the electronic sensor under his forward foot will continue to beep, confirming weight has remained on the front foot. If the Pin High Pro is in the LED mode, the LED will remain lit confirming that the weight has remained on the forward foot during the practice session.

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