Guinness World Record

The day is finally here, we are gearing up to start our Guinness World Record attempt. April 23, 2012.

The goal: To hit at least 20k golf balls into a target area within 24 hours.

The rules: A team of 12 people, only one can hit at a time, golf balls must go at least 100-yards and stay within a target area of a 30 degree arc.

The team:
Carl Papa, Team Captain — Retired Chief Pretrial Services Officer ED/TN, inventor,entrepreneur, President Pin High Pro.

Mike Thompson

Gordon Bruner, Owner of VMC facilities a construction and facilities company that supports national restaurant chains. The company started by working with Danny Koontz at Ruby Tuesday on local units, and now covers 30 states and Gordon is a licensed contractor in 12 states.

Zane Hagy, Ringleader of z11 communications — PR, advertising, marketing, marathon running guy, Mini and motorcycle rider, and social networking cynic.

Bill Cross, a 41 year old Public Relations and Communications specialist with a degree from the University of Tennessee.  His fondest golf memory is the first time he ever scored an eagle… Sir Gooney’s Golf and Games.  His worst golf memory is the dreaded 13th hole, par 3 at Gator Hole Golf Course in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where he was attacked by an 11 foot long alligator on his second shot just off the green.  While the discomfort was unbearable, he was still able to get up and down for par.

Kai Thomas

Jason Nelson, Director of Instruction and Center Manager of GolfTEC-Knoxville, which he opened  in 2007. Jason is available to build a consistent golf swing and fit you with a precision matched set of golf clubs.

John Owings, 54, is a graduate of the University of Tennessee College of Law and is an attorney with the law firm of Robertson, Overbey, Wilson & Beeler in Knoxville. John is a member of the Plantation Course at Edisto Island, South Carolina. John has pleasant memories of golf as a youngster both learning the basics of the game and playing at the 9 hole Rockwood Municipal Golf Course and ultimately playing on his high school golf team. John still enjoys the spirit of competition in virtually everything he does – including golf. John says the ‘Pin High Pro’ is a tool everyone should have in their box to sharpen their timing, create a productive, repetitive swing, and to overall improve their game.

Rock Saraceni, President of Athletic Printers and Embroidery

Tom Slagle, a writer.

Jim White,  “Jim” White is 65 years old.  A US Navy veteran he recently retired after almost 40 years in federal law enforcement.  He was a criminal investigator for Internal Revenue Service and taught at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, GA.

John Roethlisberger, co-owner of Flipfest and Mudderfest, 1996-2000-2004 Olympic gymnast.

News Coverage

In the end our team hit 35,761 golf balls, 2,292 were outside the live area and 33,469 qualified for the record attempt. Only 20,000 golf balls were required for the record. The terrific people at Guinness worked with us to create this new category.

If you missed any of our news coverage, here is a couple examples.



Video Documentation

The video for our Guinness World Record attempt is broken into 9 segments…because that’s the way the camera saved the data. Below, in all their glory, are 24 hours of golf club swinging excitement.

Segment 9