Video your swing?

Golfers spend significant amounts of time and money each year to analyze their golf swing.  Some go to golf centers that offer swing analysis using high tech electronic equipment that can freeze and analyze each second of your golf swing.  This analysis can be very effective in identifying swing problems, but is very expensive, and the solutions can be difficult …

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Left Side

In his book,  The Impact Zone,  Bobby Clampett discusses the importance of the lag. Clampett say on page 78,  “the lag not only belongs to the downswing part of your motion, it is the downswing’s number-one priority, concern, and goal, until you’ve swung well past the both-arms-straight, follow-through position. Other Bullet Points listed on page 121 are: From a purely descriptive …

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In his book, The Golf Swing, David Leadbetter discusses the importance of alignment on page 34. He says, “Generally, it is true to say too, that the worse one is swinging then the worse one’s alignment is. Alignment , as with the ball position, very often tends to compensate for the way in which the club is being swung. For example, …

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