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Why Practice Not Knowing???

Golf can be the most wonderful game in the world, but sometimes it can also be the most frustrating! One swing problem can also lead to several other problems complicating the fix. If you do not shift weight to the front foot prior to striking the ball, you will not have power, distance or control. You must have weight forward …

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RAGBRAI Continued

By days three and four we were getting into the routine of the ride. Naturally you need to drink and eat even if you’re not thirsty or hungry, and for me that meant stopping at timed intervals and drinking about a liter of water or diluted Gatorade. Mini breaks also gave me the opportunity to stretch my back and shoulder …

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Cycling vs Golf

I recently finished an adventure that I would have never started had it not been for my brother. My brother Gary called me in April and said, “Carl, I’ve signed us up for an event.” Now over the years we have done some pretty cool things like spelunking caves in east Tennessee, riding motorcycles to the Florida Keys, Martha’s Vineyard, …

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Mac Bartine, Keynote Speaker at KEC

Last Friday, March 7th, I attended the Knoxville Entrepreneurs Center meeting in downtown Knoxville with about 30 other members. The Entrepreneur Spotlight was on Jed Eaton, the inventor of LineShark, a go anywhere connect to anything electronic device for musicians. Jed is starting a Kickstarter Campaign so please visit him at and show local support! The Keynote Speaker was …

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One Swing Segment at a Time

As we golfers know, the swing is complex, requires technique, not brute strength, and happens very fast. The best way to fix a swing flaw is to correct one segment at a time. One of the basic moves in the golf swing is shifting weight to the front foot prior to striking the ball. If weight is not properly shifted, …

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Weight Shift during the golf down swing

I think we can all agree that golf is a complex game! I have found that taking the different components of the swing, mastering each to the best of my ability, then tying them together, has been the best fix for me. One of the most basic components in the swing is the weight shift. I have struggled with this …

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