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Ultra-Portable just one Benefit

As the new golf season starts, you need to have the confidence that your swing rhythm is automatic, not bogged down in swing thoughts. Practicing your swing just a few minutes a day will help establish the muscle memory needed to shift weight to the front foot consistently, enabling you to hit down and through the ball. The Pocket Pin …

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Create Muscle Memory

We all want to have a better golf swing, but the intricate set of movements creating the swing can only be perfected one way, Practice. In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell recites research that in order to be professional, one must practice a specific movement for 10,000 hours. Most of us do not have the time, or inclination, to spend …

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Problem Solved: 5 Brilliant Gifts for Men under $25

Goodbye socks and giftcards! We looked high and low to round up these brilliant gifts for the extraordinary gentlemen in your life. 1. Pin High Pro.  Our very own swing aid, specially designed to help golfers with weight shifting issues and “swing thoughts” — those distracting ideas that enter your head just at the moment you should be letting go. …

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Introducing the NEW Pocket Pin High Pro

Pocket PHP

POCKET PIN HIGH PRO The pocket Pin High Pro is a revolutionary new golf aid. At only 4-1/4 inches in diameter; height 7/8 inches; weight, 3 oz., this device fits easily into your pocket or golf bag, and can dramatically improve your golf swing.

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