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3 Simple Tips To Maximize Your Time at the Driving Range

Practice your golf swing to build muscle memory

Time spent at the driving range means a variety of things to the wide range of golfers that play the game today. For some, it means a quick bucket of balls to warm up before the first tee box. For others, the driving range is an opportunity to work out the kinks in a swing or to practice a particular …

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Pocket Pin High Pro can help you BREAK 90!

To break any golf score barrier, including 90, you need more control. Once you have control, power and distance will naturally follow. By striking the ball with your weight planted on the front foot, you can hit down and through the more consistently. The set up and swing should be basically the same for each shot, a slow one piece …

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Why Practice Not Knowing???

Golf can be the most wonderful game in the world, but sometimes it can also be the most frustrating! One swing problem can also lead to several other problems complicating the fix. If you do not shift weight to the front foot prior to striking the ball, you will not have power, distance or control. You must have weight forward …

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The Pocket Pin High Pro and the Power of Habit can Improve your Golf Game.

In his book,The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg reveals how we depend on certain habits to guide us through everyday life, including personal hygiene, meal time preparation and work preferences. If you want to improve your golf score, why not use the power of habit to improve your swing and increase your confidence all of which will lead to lower …

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RAGBRAI conclusion

I approach the last day’s ride with excitement, anticipation and sadness. I’m excited because I have peddled six days, and even though some of the hills have been very taxing, I enjoyed the challenge, met wonderful riders and had many days of beautiful scenery. This last day is like the others around 75-80 miles and hilly. Word is that many …

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RAGBRAI Continued

By days three and four we were getting into the routine of the ride. Naturally you need to drink and eat even if you’re not thirsty or hungry, and for me that meant stopping at timed intervals and drinking about a liter of water or diluted Gatorade. Mini breaks also gave me the opportunity to stretch my back and shoulder …

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RAGBRAI continued

Nick and I arrived at the first destination, 80 miles from the starting point. The ride was hot and windy but we arrives mid afternoon. After locating our luggage, which is a real challenge ,especially after peddling 80 miles. All of the luggage is taken from the truck and left in a heap for the owners to retrieve. Luggage must …

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Cycling vs Golf

I recently finished an adventure that I would have never started had it not been for my brother. My brother Gary called me in April and said, “Carl, I’ve signed us up for an event.” Now over the years we have done some pretty cool things like spelunking caves in east Tennessee, riding motorcycles to the Florida Keys, Martha’s Vineyard, …

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Golf Should Be Fun!

Like all games, the game of golf has some rounds that are better than others. I have had rounds, like I’m sure you also have, when you hit the sweetest shot in your bag only to be followed by the worst. I can never figure out how my strikes can go from one extreme to the other, but I suppose …

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The Augusta Experience

Everyone should experience being at the Masters at least once. The beauty of Augusta National and the excitement of such a high level of competition keeps one in constant admiration. Bubba won the coveted Green Jacket, but the field was crowed at the top of the leader board the first two days with Jordan Spieth in the lead for many …

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