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Three Suggestions to Sink More Putts

On Putting Green

I’m finally on the green, now what? This putt is at least 25 feet and is a double breaker. I have to just crest that small ridge, then it breaks right and if I hit it too hard it will go 10 feet past the hole maybe taking two putts coming back. A few previous observations would have given me …

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Greenside Bunker Shots Made Easy

Blog Test

There I am, 165 yards out and the pin, of course, is tucked into the corner so you not only have to carry the bunker, but stop the ball within 15 yards to remain on the green. Should I lay up and hit a wedge in, or go for it? Never accused of being a conservative golfer, of course I …

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The Benefits of Golfing With Buddies

Buddies Fav

Golfing with your buddies is good for the body and soul. Those of us lucky enough to have a regular weekly game look forward to game day so we see our close friends and correct those ball strikes that lead to additional strokes last play. In east Tennessee we are fortunate to live in a moderate temperate zone so we …

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