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A Better Putting Stroke

I don’t know about you, but it seems that whenever one segment of my game improves, the wheels fall off another! My recent nemesis has been putting. The specific problem is keeping my head down and still until the stroke is made. My read of the greens is OK, my speed is usually correct, but when I lift my head …

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Ultra-Portable just one Benefit

As the new golf season starts, you need to have the confidence that your swing rhythm is automatic, not bogged down in swing thoughts. Practicing your swing just a few minutes a day will help establish the muscle memory needed to shift weight to the front foot consistently, enabling you to hit down and through the ball. The Pocket Pin …

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Mac Bartine, Keynote Speaker at KEC

Last Friday, March 7th, I attended the Knoxville Entrepreneurs Center meeting in downtown Knoxville with about 30 other members. The Entrepreneur Spotlight was on Jed Eaton, the inventor of LineShark, a go anywhere connect to anything electronic device for musicians. Jed is starting a Kickstarter Campaign so please visit him at and show local support! The Keynote Speaker was …

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