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How to Increase Lag for More Club Head Speed

We all know that a faster club head speed will produce a longer golf shot, but simply swinging harder is usually disastrous. So how do you create more club head speed without throwing off the tempo and rhythm of your current swing? You increase the lag. What is Lag? Simply put, the lag during the golf swing is the period …

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Two Simple Products for Better Alignment and Weight Shift

Proper alignment and weight shift are two key parts of the golf swing, but they can be frustratingly difficult to master. Fortunately, there are two great portable swing aids that make it easy to improve your alignment and correct your weight shift.

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One Swing Segment at a Time

As we golfers know, the swing is complex, requires technique, not brute strength, and happens very fast. The best way to fix a swing flaw is to correct one segment at a time. One of the basic moves in the golf swing is shifting weight to the front foot prior to striking the ball. If weight is not properly shifted, …

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