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practice with pin high pro

Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is.” Regardless of the reason any golfer goes out to play the first time, he or she goes back to try and win! The best golfers spend countless hours and dollars working on the perfect swing. The slightest adjustments can make the difference between a good day and …

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golf therapy

Have you ever tried to draw a picture with your non-writing hand? It isn’t easy…some would describe it as awkward or uncomfortable. What about trying to play an instrument without training? For most, your mind and body would be confused and the tune off key. Beginning a sport is no different…your body must be trained to move in a certain …

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pin high pro for the junior golfer

I recently attended the PGA trade show in Orlando, Florida, and learned that one of the fastest growing categories of golfers are the Junior Golfers, age 8-18.  I was pleased to learn this, since today’s Junior Golfers will keep the game alive, with all the challenges, mystique and tradition this simple but complex game offers. Like many of my friends, …

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getting to the left side

In her book for juniors, Golf in Action, Bobbie Kalman writes, ”As you swing your club down, turn your body to the left. Shift your weight from your right side to your left.”  She adds, “when making your forward swing, you need to hit the ball solidly to send it into the air. Just before your club head reaches the ball, …

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stance for a chip shot

The chip is a short low shot that is made from an area very close to the green with the intention of rolling the ball toward the hole, leaving a short putt. The Junior Golf Book, by Larry Hayes and Rhonda Glenn describes the stance for the Chip and Run.  They write,” Your stance should be much like your putting stance, …

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