Getting Ready For The New Golf Season

Teeing Off With Iron

When cold weather sets in most of us have a tendency to stay inside, watch TV and mentally improve our golf game with little physical activity. Unfortunately, all of the mental fixes I create to improve my score never seem work when I’m actually on the course. Here are a three tips to actually get ready for the new golf …

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Pin High Pro Attends the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando Florida

PGA Show 2017 1 E1485872298914

If you are a golfer or in the golf business, the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando Florida is a must attend! The timing is perfect since it is always the later part of January when everyone who doesn’t live in Florida wants to be there. It is the most incredible venue. There are approximately 1000 vendors in a space …

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Three Suggestions To Hit The Perfect Fairway Woods

Fairway Wood Shot Into Green

To lower your score you must have confidence in the fairway woods. Most courses have four par 5s with 500 yards being the average distance. Therefore, the second shot is simply to get closer to the green and in position to hit a short iron on the green. With the second shot usually being over 200 yards, the go to …

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Tips for Keeping the Golf Swing Sharp During Winter Months

Streaching On Mat

I don’t know about you, but winter months always have a negative affect on my game. While some golfers can be away from their game for a few months and not be affected, I need a club in my hand on a regular basis to keep my physical game in tact. I need to swing a club which keeps the …

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Three Suggestions to Sink More Putts

On Putting Green

I’m finally on the green, now what? This putt is at least 25 feet and is a double breaker. I have to just crest that small ridge, then it breaks right and if I hit it too hard it will go 10 feet past the hole maybe taking two putts coming back. A few previous observations would have given me …

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Greenside Bunker Shots Made Easy

Blog Test

There I am, 165 yards out and the pin, of course, is tucked into the corner so you not only have to carry the bunker, but stop the ball within 15 yards to remain on the green. Should I lay up and hit a wedge in, or go for it? Never accused of being a conservative golfer, of course I …

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The Benefits of Golfing With Buddies

Buddies Fav

Golfing with your buddies is good for the body and soul. Those of us lucky enough to have a regular weekly game look forward to game day so we see our close friends and correct those ball strikes that lead to additional strokes last play. In east Tennessee we are fortunate to live in a moderate temperate zone so we …

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Swing Adjustments for Senior Golfers

Senior Golfbc25

Golfers who have played and enjoyed the game for many years are not about to give it up just because of daily joint pain and muscle soreness! Senior golfers know the physical and mental benefits of the game and plan to keep going. The walkers out there get an extra bump in physical activity since walking the average 6,600 yard …

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It’s Time to Re-establish Golf Swing Basics

Ball On Lip

Golf is the most satisfying, yet challenging game I play. I have played for many years and have always enjoyed the camaraderie, competition and shot knowledge required on each and every strike.  Like other golfers, I read golf magazine, watch golf tournaments on TV and listen to friends when they explain why I had an errant strike. All of this …

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Break 90 With the Pocket Pin High Pro

Tee Box 2 1

I am always amazed at the ball control professional golfers possess. Dustin Johnson can blast the driver over 350 yards and feel confident the ball will land in the fairway most of the time. Likewise we have all seen the magic Phil Michelson delivers with his wedge! With a little practice on a regular basis, you too can strike the …

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